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Excerpts from "Verbal"

I Took a University Course On The Meaning of Life; Here’s What I Learnt

Kal's Cartoon. The Economist. 17 January 2015.

F O R E W O R D  Throughout these past few months, I found myself repeatedly compelled to ponder beyond my zone of comfort by the many great authors we have discussed. However, there have been two quotes that I kept coming back to, whether it was when reading, or listening to you, Prof. LePage, discuss various themes. I had originally intended to include these in my final paper, but I see no place where they may be appropriate. Therefore, at this risk of being crass, I decided to include them here, for they resonated with me for months, and well worth repeating. The first comes from, oddly enough, a rebooted television series, Battlestar Galactica based on the premise of a bloody war between humans, and their evolved humanoid robots called cylons, who do not die, but simply resurrect whence killed in a ship called the Resurrection Hub.

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A Republican goes on the tail of a friend’s ancestor, arguing against immigration

This anecdote is being published without the knowledge of the person to whom I interacted with. As such, her name, and any attributing information will be withheld. So I'm sitting down in a New England hotel bar, excited that I finally found some time to take advantage of the restaurant's Happy Hour. I order an appetizer and a cold stout confident that my bank account will be both happy with the fact that the drink hadn't cost more than a whole case's worth at Costco, and that I am collecting precious points, damn it. The appetizer, as a side, happens to be grilled artichoke hearts, which, it turns out, are ridiculously hard to eat but nonetheless delicious. More on this later. A woman asks if the seat two away to my right is taken and I respond by saying I didn't think so (I was the only one at the restaurant.) She

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Hate, Repent, Excommunicate, and Turn It Into Profit

On the February 15th edition of CBC Radio's excellent "Day 6" program with Brent Bambury, there was an interview with one Lauren Dain, an ex member of the Westboro Baptist Church hate group. Day 6 is known for interviewing all kinds of people from interesting societal, religious, cultural, and activism backgrounds. So I, as a listener, was not surprised that this interview had been secured by Mr. Bambury. In-fact, when I heard the teaser at the beginning of the show I was looking forward to it. You see, Ms. Dain is a recent descendant of the aforementioned church. Admonished by her own family on broadcast television no less, she was forcibly removed from the people she loved for her new realizations. She has been making the rounds in the news lately because she has put her experiences from years past into a package, ready for reading consumption by the

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Launch Date: 5 March, 2012.

I am an amateur (very amateur!) photographer. I am an aspiring writer, putting my words into a private blog for the past 25 months. For more info on the selected public posts, please visit “Verbal“.

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Some time ago, I joined a website called 750words. For 2 years previous to that date – Friday, March 52010 – I had been trying to write almost everyday, and as a result of many of the all too well known and widespread personality traits: failing – miserably. However, something change on that day. 750words motivated in a manner that no other writing utility had done before. I’ll leave it to you to find out why that was so, by exploring it with the link provided above.

After an unbroken streak of writing at-least seven hundred and fifty words everyday since March of 2010, I’ve decided to make some of these private words public. They are on all sorts of different topics. Granted, they are the ramblings of a mind much too small to preserve any complicated thought coherently, or any idea too branched to tame with my cognitive toolset. Nevertheless, some of the themes mostly revolve around:

Religion,  Religious Philosophy,  Religious Morality,  Science, Morality & Absolute Morality,  Current Events & Geo-politics,  Nutrition & Diet